Why Train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, of all Martial Arts?

Among all martial arts, few can boast the complex and rewarding nature of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It’s often described as “physical chess”. Adults and kids can strengthen the body and mind by training in Jiu Jitsu. Adults and kids can both find success in grappling. That is because Jiu Jitsu techniques, unlike most martial arts, do not rely on pure strength. Every hold, throw, sweep, and lock relies on precision and leverage. All students, adults and kids, can find confidence in knowing that with sufficient training they can roll against larger opponents and have a great outcome.

Core Values

Martial arts help cultivate many core values that are integral to the lives of adults and kids. Discipline, courtesy, integrity, self-confidence, and self-control are all needed for success on the mats. Off the mats, these values can enrich the lives of adults and kids alike. Children who train in martial arts are more confident in school and less likely to get into fights. Adults who train in martial arts enjoy physical and mental health benefits. Most importantly, martial arts are fun. Like any other game, there is strategy, tactics, and the thrill of competition. Adults and kids can all appreciate this. University and work are massive time commitments. In this modern day, going to a gym for repetitive lifting and running no longer appeals. Children are also more likely to learn if the activity is fun.

Learning Process

The learning process is similar for adults and kids. First, a student learns how to avoid injury. This includes breaking fall and rolling correctly. Next, a student learns the basics of defence. It’s not enough to escape from a dangerous position. One should turn bad situations into advantageous situations. Often this involves redirecting the opponent’s momentum. Then, students begin to apply their own offence. Once a good position is created, one aims to win the match with submissions. But unlike chess, new Jiu Jitsu moves are always being developed. New pieces are always being added to the board. Every attack has a counter, and every counter has a counter, and so on. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers a lifetime of learning. No matter the age of the student, adults and kids can enjoy a lifelong journey.


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